Boogge RC3B

Halloween Brugge!

  1. sedljfgldhgkjsrfhg

    - Fixed void teleporters being disabled with no hope for being enabled
  2. oops

    - Applied new void spawns to Void Warriors in Dissolving Drones
  3. The Big Fix

    - Void Ghost Tanks now function properly
    - Players can now reliably exit the void
    - Money is now auto collected if there is any persisting in the void on wave end
    - Buildings are cleared from the main play space when a void wave transitions to the void
    - Buildings are cleared from the void when a void wave ends
    - Void Robots now spawned through spawnbot_void#, with # relating to spawns in the void (check txt)
    - Proper clipping applied to the ramp out of the river
    - Experimental Engineer...
  4. Void Brawl

    - Added functionality for waves to take entirely in the Void, only to be used if you know what you're doing
  5. oop

    Forgot about the particle txt
  6. Neat

    - Added support for Ghost Tanks entering the void, check the mission maker guide for more information.
    - Adjusted void robot spawns to be more consistent and less broken.
    - Fixed some pieces of detailing being cutoff.
    - Ported over a fix to a nobuild from Brugge.
  7. This is it luigi

    - Underworld displacements smoothed out some more
    - Fixed buildings being able to be placed on the portal doors
    - Dart and Minicrit pickups effective time increased from 10 seconds to 45 seconds
    - Robots that were once Void Warriors will no longer have the gravity effect in later lives
    - Boo!

    - Heavy Rush in Dissolving Drones tempered slightly, 8 total heavies, 6 second waitbetween (down from 10, up from 3, respectively)
    - Void Bomber no longer takes self damage
  8. woah

    10 or so people watched me compile this version and all it is is:

    - Added another custom particle to the map
  9. Bombs

    • Adjusted some outputs being sent from the popfile so the boss bombs don't linger on the field after the bomb is disabled.
  10. Getting there

    • Added custom particles to the pit-portal for inbetween waves, so players get drawn towards it
    • Also opened the door on it a tiny bit to let some green light through and so players can see what's under it before a wave starts
    • Players no longer take fall damage entering the pit-portal, preventing fall deaths
    • Miscellaneous detail updates
    • Mission no longer relies on a template file that I never included in the first place. Testing just so happened to have the template file...