Boogge RC3C

Halloween Brugge!

  1. Engineers

    • Attempted fix at Engineers trying to build in the void when they can't (i.e. an Engineer trying to get to the void while they're in the overworld)
  2. Nav

    Further navigational fixes
  3. Nav Fix

    Fixed a nav square getting "blocked" by the tank pit. This fixes the bomb pathing.
  4. sedljfgldhgkjsrfhg

    - Fixed void teleporters being disabled with no hope for being enabled
  5. oops

    - Applied new void spawns to Void Warriors in Dissolving Drones
  6. The Big Fix

    - Void Ghost Tanks now function properly
    - Players can now reliably exit the void
    - Money is now auto collected if there is any persisting in the void on wave end
    - Buildings are cleared from the main play space when a void wave transitions to the void
    - Buildings are cleared from the void when a void wave ends
    - Void Robots now spawned through spawnbot_void#, with # relating to spawns in the void (check txt)
    - Proper clipping applied to the ramp out of the river
    - Experimental Engineer...
  7. Void Brawl

    - Added functionality for waves to take entirely in the Void, only to be used if you know what you're doing
  8. oop

    Forgot about the particle txt
  9. Neat

    - Added support for Ghost Tanks entering the void, check the mission maker guide for more information.
    - Adjusted void robot spawns to be more consistent and less broken.
    - Fixed some pieces of detailing being cutoff.
    - Ported over a fix to a nobuild from Brugge.
  10. This is it luigi

    - Underworld displacements smoothed out some more
    - Fixed buildings being able to be placed on the portal doors
    - Dart and Minicrit pickups effective time increased from 10 seconds to 45 seconds
    - Robots that were once Void Warriors will no longer have the gravity effect in later lives
    - Boo!

    - Heavy Rush in Dissolving Drones tempered slightly, 8 total heavies, 6 second waitbetween (down from 10, up from 3, respectively)
    - Void Bomber no longer takes self damage