Boogge RC3C

Halloween Brugge!

  1. Getting there

    • Added custom particles to the pit-portal for inbetween waves, so players get drawn towards it
    • Also opened the door on it a tiny bit to let some green light through and so players can see what's under it before a wave starts
    • Players no longer take fall damage entering the pit-portal, preventing fall deaths
    • Miscellaneous detail updates
    • Mission no longer relies on a template file that I never included in the first place. Testing just so happened to have the template file already lol
    • Giants added to some parts of Dissolving Drones that were otherwise lacking in punch
    • Reduced maxactive of Crit Pyros during Giant Heavy rush
    • End of mission adjusted to be more focused
    • Bosses should now have their own bomb when they appear
    • Boss health reduced from 40K to 30K
    • Crit Scouts given full reload
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