Blanktown a5

Made by Di Gorgonzola

  1. Another quick update

    Here's another small update.
    I'm pretty happy with how mid, second and the connector between them plays.
    However, I can't say the same thing for last and the connector between these two: I believe the entrances to last from the choke is a bit too close to each other, and perhaps opens up into open space too quickly - the result is that it's difficult for attackers to enter the last cp area.
    The one-way shortcut for the defenders also proved to be a bad idea - the defenders could bypass the...
  2. Quick update

    Updated to a4a
    • Minor changes
    • Added soundscape
  3. just casually dropping an update bro

    listen its j-day i shulda been partying but instead heres an update for blanktown

    5:00 AM and my brain is mush so screens and changelog tomorrow
  4. Updated map to a3

    Will write changelog later, too tired rn.
  5. Updated danktown to a2!

    An exciting and new version of cp_danktown is ready, and includes following changes:

    • Changed name from danktown to blanktown (thanks for the name suggestion Mudpie!)
    • Extended a ledge and moved around the boxes at 2nd to block of incoming spam from the upper floors.
    • Heavily reworked the sidearea besides 2nd. It's much simpler to navigate, and attackers from mid can't completely skip 2nd.
    • Added a oneway route for...