Blanktown a6a

Made by Di Gorgonzola

  1. Another quick update

    Here's another small update.
    I'm pretty happy with how mid, second and the connector between them plays.
    However, I can't say the same thing for last and the connector between these two: I believe the entrances to last from the choke is a bit too close to each other, and perhaps opens up into open space too quickly - the result is that it's difficult for attackers to enter the last cp area.
    The one-way shortcut for the defenders also proved to be a bad idea - the defenders could bypass the choke for free, and easily harass the attackers from behind. While the whole idea behind the shortcut was to give the defending team an easier opportunity to push out of last (unless the attacking team had taken control of the building and shut down the shortcut) it felt like it was too powerful for the defenders. So I removed it.
    However, I fear that the attacking team can lock down the choke too easily now since a single player technically can watch every path. I will also leave the said player in a pretty vulnerable position, so perhaps it isn't a problem.

    Changelog for a5:
    • Spun the entire map around: Now it is the Red facade that faces the sun.
    • Moved the medium healthkit into the choke (where it replaced the small healthkit).
    • Increased the brightness of a lamp. Yep, that's it.
    • Removed the shortcut
    • Removed the container at the main route to last, and replaced it with some props to act as cover. The main route itself has been widened by 128 units.
    In the next update, I'm probably going to redo the last area and fix the connectors. I do have a few ideas I'd like to try out, but I got some other projects I want to work on first.
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