Blacksite (Deathmatch)

Blacksite (Deathmatch) rc2

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Blacksite (Deathmatch) rc2

q3tourney7 lives!

"Owned and operated by TFindustries since the Gravelwars, Blacksite has researched and optimized damage amplification through Moonstone and other hightech gadgets. Blacksite's Researchers are still in need of more combat data and started hiring Mercenaries to get the job done!"

Reimagening of the popular quake 3 map "q3tourney7" aka "Almost Lost".

Developed with feedback from the OF team (thanks guys!)
I tried to keep the theming in line with "Hightech industrial base" and I think it turned out pretty good.
newest version has lighting overhauled and lightmaps adjusted.
If you like it, don't forget to rate and tell your friendos :)

BSP is packed but not repacked currently!
includes: nav, mission briefing text and loading screen

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