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The Rock final

A Team Fortress "Classic" Reimagined


The Rock. You are tasked to assist Ms Pauling with erasing security footage of earlier skirmishes.


Steal the Intelligence from the enemy security office.
Take it across to the other side of the enemy base to their Data storage and delete the security footage.


Originally made by Valve for Team Fotress Classic.
The Rock is a faithfull recreation of TFC's Rock2 to fit into Team Fortress 2's Artstyle and Gameplay.


- oldschool Theme, switched from night to day
- replaced all ladders and lifts with stairs
- widened some areas
- added a new deathpit
- improved readability
- added a bridge in mid-area
- expanded upon the original concept
- improved gameflow, added more routes to combat any dead ends
- competetive ready
- CTF Timer and Setup
- detpackable routes were opened

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Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Update 06.16.2021

    - improved clipping - fixed some leaks and seams - updated texures - changed the name to "The Rock" - added MOTD - added Menu Photos and thumbnails - improved prop collisions - fixed cubemaps at cap area - upated nobuild for doors at yard - fixed...
  2. Update 06.15.2021

    Update 06.15.2021 - Improved clipping - improved lighting - improved performance - increased clarity of objective - fixed HUD not working - implemented stalemate protected CTF system - added Chalkboards in spawns for objective overview -...