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blackmerc a3

i've seen this somewhere

Oh hi.
This is a map i have started working on Early 2020. It was intended to be a halloween themed player destruction map called "Unreal realms". However i was too ambitious, and the Pick it up contest happened that year, leaving me burned out. I never finished it but considered finishing it more than once.
Of course i never did.
Recently the Spring Cleaning event was announced. This was an excuse to look at my long catalog of unreleased and unfinished maps.
With the whole gimmick of PD maps only being halloween i have decided to ditch the halloween theme I had in mind and just do whatever i felt like making. And so the map was completed with arenas to fight in. These arenas were maps from the game Black Squad, a terrible free to play game that i remembered playing back in 2016, and so i remade its maps from memory (and from a few images) and integrated them into this map.
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

More downloads from AlexEatDonut

Latest updates

  1. A3 Update

    A3 Update Welcome to A3 update. Major changes Edited Layout Added a central lobby for each team Widened mid slightly Extended the map Changed spawn added a team specific crit boost to help spawn camping Minimal changes Moved the jump pad...
  2. A2C Update

    Supposedly fixed the broken logic Added clib brushes where there was none Move a health pack to be closer to action Changed and added clips into block bullets
  3. A2B Update

    An A3 isn't ready yet. Spawn Will be changed then, for now there are fixes i needed to do and will need to do. Widened a route to mid Added a dent in said route Added logic to make the arena act like an underworld Changed health and ammo packs...