Baunsberg A4

To-be Payload map set in a rottenburg-like town in fall. High chance of being stinky.

  1. Flanks and a Last Overhaul... I think?

    Hiya. It has been a decent amount of time and quite frankly, I took a rather large break due to bigger circumstances taking up my time (cough smash ultimate)

    But either way, here is a map update. To be quite honest I do not remember a bunch of stuff that was changed, so the changelog is gonna be pretty vague.

    - Reworked the last and second point by adding new paths and flanks
    - moved bridge area at first to block a few sightlines
    - hopefully fixed a few map logic issues

    I fear that I mightve broken something in the course of fixing something else but as ever; Testing will reveal that stuff sooner or later.
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