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Banana Bay RC4

Tropical beach. Train bridge. Tense battle.

  1. Blade x64
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: RC4
    The anti-thesis of room-corridor-room syndrome, I remember this map being touted as. Unlike other open chokepoint maps which tend to neglect enfilade potential (which I don't enjoy missing), each area has both open airspace and small passageways to maneuver around heavily guarded areas.

    I also commend the final push design being shorter to hold out for compared to Hightower's final, which unfortunately muddied PLR's reputation being played for its objective. Theme has beautiful banana-colored sand and a tropical outlook creating an evocative, memorable map. Absolutely fitting for Jungle Inferno's inclusion, makes a fantastic addition to the PLR roster for a play-to-win single stage level, and gave me fond memories over time.
  2. Anonymous
    Version: RC4
    great geometry and fun gameplay. One of the few maps that do PLR right.
  3. ShadowMan44
    Version: RC4
    Despite only 3 stars, I really love this map. It has an amazing atmosphere with it taking place on a tropical island, and I love how you used the endpoint concept that Cactus Canyon had to bring it into official TF2. My biggest complaint about this is how sometimes it's pretty hard to find where your cart is, there are so many paths that it's almost maze-like, but I feel like with enough time learning the map it shouldn't be too hard.

    May I suggest if you ever decide to do a Halloween version of this, you call it "Arachnid Bayou" based on the "banana spider" found in South America? I think that'd be a really cool concept, but that's just me loafing on this too much.

    Good map, hope to see more of your stuff in the future.
  4. LadyRaee
    Version: RC1
    I really like it! Even though there's a crapton of passageways, it feels fun to navigate!
    BIG plus for letting pyrosharks have a fun too!