Banana Bay RC4

Tropical beach. Train bridge. Tense battle.

  1. Finishing touches (I hope)

    Blade x64
    -Fixed a few clip issues
    -Fixed shadows poking through places they shouldn't have poked
    -Made train approaching signal lights more noticeable
    -Cut down train crossing ambient_generics from 4 to 3 active at once, let's hope I don't have to cut it to 2
    -Made rock arch paths less fragile looking
    -Cool beans
    -Increased murkiness of water
    -Added advertisement for a brand new ice cream flavor
    -Displacement touch ups

  2. Fixes after the detailening

    Blade x64
    -Matched and shortened final rollback zones
    -Minorly overhauled soundscapes
    -Marked my territory

  3. More pretty

    Blade x64
    -Fixed a clipping issue over the battlements
    -Fixed train stuck spot
    -Reduced bloom
    -Overhauled soundscapes
    -Improved horizon details
    -Improved beach details
    -Touched up displacements
    -Updated train models
    -Changed train sounds
    -Implemented cart sparks when brushing against train

  4. Bananas

    Blade x64
    -Added signals around track to indicate direction train is headed
    -Some detail improvments

    20170704153009_1.jpg 20170704153324_1.jpg 20170704172829_1.jpg
  5. Pretty flowers

    Blade x64
    I added some pretty flowers. Changed a few other things too.

    20170630080015_1.jpg 20170630080050_1.jpg 20170630115221_1.jpg
  6. Fixes before the detailening

    Blade x64
    -Optimized somewhat
    -Clipped some edges to prevent getting caught running backwards or shoved into walls by the payload
    -Fixed Red team winning on Blu cap (hopefully)
    -Added way to jump back up to right spawn exit
    -Widened area around cap to prevent getting stuck and allow moving around the cart
    -Added dock
    -Added push triggers to palm tops
  7. Fixes for everyone

    Blade x64
    Fixed the water, I forget VIDE doesn't detect $bottommaterial in water. No idea what could be...