Bagel_event rc10


  1. Minor Underworld Updates

    theres some new particles n stuff down there etc
  2. underworld updates

    - Improved Underworld lighting
    - Extended Portal duration and Buff
  3. didnt upload every single workshop version again whoops

    - Various visual/fade improvements
    - Tweaks to portals
    - Raised health in Underworld slightly so players won't jump over it
    - Added new portal spawn locations
    - Fixed projectile bug at mid
    - Portals now kill buildings that are inside them
    - Misc visual fixes
    - Misc visual bugs introduced, whoops, will fix soon but they dont break gameplay
    - Misc visual fixes
  4. Underworld!

    -Portals now take players to an Underworld (Made by UEAKCrash!)
    -Players now leave Underworld at mid with a shorter buff
    -Various Optimisations
    -Various detail changes
  5. first working rc?

    rc2's portals were broken, go figure

    fuck knows if this version works
  6. rc1 was broke so i skipped it lmao

    -Fixed lighting
    -Added menu photos
    -Stopped portal flinging you sideways
    -Filename is now bagel_event instead of cauldron cause that just seems to be how this works
    -I forget what else but rc1 had a broken navmesh so i didnt upload it here

    Workshop release Soon
  7. f i n a l b e t a

    - Cauldron prop is now finished (Thanks Seba!)
    - All particles now done besides from some Tweaks (Thanks Exactol!)
    - Cauldron fire is now team coloured
    - Reduced spawn times for trailing team
    - Minor detailing changes elsewhere


    1. ss2.png
    2. ss3.png
    3. ss4.png
  8. new route (normal compile)

    - Changed ramp route from house to valley
    - Some changes to house too to go with this
    - Made jump pads walk-in instead of jump-in again, just to see how people feel about it
  9. bigger capzone, visual updates and fix

    -New particles, properly telegraphing spell effects
    -Detailing changes in various places
    -Replaced railings with wood, made them shorter
    -Fixed bug that killed engineer buildings on cap
    -Expanded capzone
    -Shortened cap times
    -Changed a lot of pumpkin placements
    -Changed a portal placement
    -Changed pickups on the wooden platform in valley to mediums
  10. effect fixes/updates

    -Fixed the Uber/Speed from teleporting
    -Skeletons are now killed when a new effect starts
    -More particles
    -Additional audio
    -Better(?) lightning effect using env_beam