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  1. Yrr

    A Witch's Cauldron sits at the centre of this King of the Hill map, dripping with magic.
    Capture the point to invoke one of 4 magical effects:
    - Summon Skeletons!
    - Open Portals!
    - Supercharge Weapons!
    - Launch Fireballs!

    This is a Halloween adaptation of my map, Bagel, with changes made all over to make it more enjoyable for halloween fun!

    Yrrzy - Layout, Detailing, Logic
    Seba - Cauldon Model, Textures, Animation
    Exactol - Particles for Everything
    UEAKCrash - Underworld

    Special Thanks:
    TF2Maps.net for feedback and help.
    UEAKCrash for helping me get more testing.
    ABP for helping me make sure the lightning didn't cause problems with epilepsy.

    Support Cauldron on the workshop!


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Recent Reviews

    Version: rc10
    Why didn't they add this in the last scream fortress? Its completely original, by my standards at least.