Bagel (2020) rc3


  1. Simplified


    Changed the map filename from bagel_fall to bagel, and skipped rc2 to ensure that this is the most clearly up-to-date version.

    -Simplified geometry around the boiler ramp area
    -Changed jump pad particle to read better
    -Minor visual tweaks
    -Added menu photos
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  2. Bagel

    -New crate models by Freyja
    -Redetailed out of bounds areas behind Boiler
    -Additional new details
    -Fixed out-of-map spot under Blu spawn
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  3. Detail + Lore


    -New detailing in various out of bounds areas
    -New signs/posters
    -Redetailed dead space in spawn
    -Removed one console from each mid house
    -Removed prop stack from lobby
    -Replaced old brushwork door detailing with new models by Freyja
  4. Splash Clipping Overhaul

    This was going to just be a Jump Pad visual update but a major splash clipping issue was discovered that required overhauling a lot of the existing splash lipping. (If you were wondering, Invisible Displacements are solid to players, grenades, and stickies, but not rockets).

    -Jump pad visual update, including new particles. (Thanks pont for the rumble)

    -Some minor visual and lighting...
  5. dont download this

    b8 coming later i promise
  6. turbine clipping

    The clipping above the turbines was poorly conveyed and intrusive to jumping soldiers. It has been pared back and marked better.
    -Improved clipping around top of turbines
    -Added pipe to better visualise clipping
  7. clipping fix

    -Fixed a couple edges players could become stuck in
  8. cratening

    -Massive clipping and decluttering pass
    -Replaced a bunch of placeholder crates with closer to final crates
    -Switched a few blockbullets clips over to invisible displacements. This was done for backend reasons but additionally it functions like a blockbullets brush that only affects explosives, so bullets will no longer disappear in those spots.
    -Adjusted fade distances on a lot of props to make them less jarring
    -Improved lighting on blu concrete
    -Minor detail adjustments


    1. b6_promo.png
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  9. clipping pass

    -Aggressive clipping pass and decluttering

    Hopefully there should be no places left to get stuck or have rockets eaten
    Visuals are not done for this, so its b5a not b6
  10. steam

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