Babie Steps

Babie Steps

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Babie Steps

Coltrane's "Giant Steps" + TF2 Engineer in one video. Alt. Title: Engineer Steps


Video contains mostly me playing Engineer and doing dumb things, or me looking at an Engineer doing dumb things. It also features friends I'm often in a Discord call with. I'm not sure why, but completely stock "bald" Engineer is one of my favorite things in this game.

Some parts are synced to the song, other parts aren't. Comes down to how manageable it was to try and sync it.

Also worth noting: I forgot to start yesterday, and so I started with roughly 6 hours left on the clock. The video was also too large to upload directly, so I'm just uploading to YouTube instead. I've also included a small, unrelated bonus clip at the end. But, hey, it's being uploaded with over an hour remaining still.

(Note: As of writing, this video is still uploading to YT. Not sure when it'll finish due to AT&T being a fantastic ISP that provides me with a great service.)
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