Asian Vehicles V3

for Asia maps.

  1. Update on Asian Vehicles

    Cherry Van is now released.

    The two taxis
    -Skin textures are now darken by using normal
    -The wheels and caps have been changed
    -Rear taillights were resized and moved back
    -The grill lines has removed and replace paint tool sai grill texture

    -Grill lines has replaced texture grill (same thing on Kong King & Japanese Taxis)
    -Wheels/caps have changed and smoothing
    -Top of the front window has moved up little bit
    -front headlight parts has move up a bit...
  2. Fixed out the models and collisions

    • The texture of the Kong King and Japanese Taxis are low, using Paint Tool Sai 2 to clip the textures 15% dark, the reason both of them are a bit too bright. Got those two done.

    • Kei car 2, I change and moved the headlights back due for, it's needs to move back more. upload_2020-12-23_20-57-43.png

    • The taxi collisions are on kei truck and two kei cars. That's a big OOF. I redo over the collisions on 5 of them, renamed...
  3. pack is fixed

    I have to apologize, that I putting the models pack in the wrong place. I was figuring out why the prop models did not showed up (with the red error is showing) last night, found out that I mixed up everything, they are not on props_vehicles. That is a big mistake I made. :oops: *facepalm*

    So this afternoon,I went back to fix over the models and textures using VTFEdit and Crowbar, it took me hours to put the textures on the models in the right place. So I tested out the Asian Vehicles pack...