Ascendant A4

The sky is the limit

  1. Switcharoo!


    • Switched the position of BLU forward spawn to other side of the wall
    • Moved a few elements around for that spawn to work
    • Redesigned last again
    • Redesigned connectors to last
    • Added a few missing clips
    • Experimentation with mayann detailing at RED last, can be safely ignored right now because it'll be changed
    • No more sticky-proof brushes
    • Noone is reading these
    • Reintroducted quantum jump, broke all tooltextures

    Known issues
    • There still is a way to get stuck on the left flank to last, forgot to fix that.
    • It's completely possible that another BLU forward spawn is necessary, i just wanted to test it like this
    20160917055553_1.jpg 20160917055602_1.jpg 20160917055625_1.jpg 20160917055638_1.jpg 20160917055647_1.jpg 20160917055656_1.jpg 20160917055710_1.jpg 20160917055719_1.jpg 20160917055729_1.jpg 20160917055747_1.jpg 20160917055754_1.jpg 20160917055759_1.jpg 20160917055812_1.jpg 20160917055818_1.jpg
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