arena_bingo A4

bingo bongo!

  1. Possibly the last version before Beta

    I dinne ken
    A4 is here
    • Added some props on the now enlargened ledge
    • Changed the map so its 256 hu longer to make it feel less cramped.
    • Changed the ramp from lower to mid from 256 hu wide to 384 hu wide, and the small ledge on mid from 256 hu to 384 hu wide
    • Changed the skybox from a sky_dawn to sky_granary, this is probably temporary
    • Still have to do those cubemaps

    20171109231655_1.jpg 20171109231709_1.jpg 20171109231645_1.jpg
  2. Silly me

    I dinne ken
    I screwed up the spawns, is now fixed
  3. Lots and lots of small things

    I dinne ken
    • Added a small balcony thingy where the ramp onto mid used to be bigger
    • Added some more signage
    • Added a light to one of the small lobby areas and opened up the larger lobby area to the skybox to allow for more light
    • Added a high ground near the side that is quickly accessible from each respective spawn
    • Changed the layout, size and position of spawn to encourage more spread out gameplay
    • Changed the spawn layout to allow an immediate high ground (probably more useful...
  4. General improvements

    I dinne ken
    • Added some cover around mid point
    • Added some light signage
    • Added a route onto mid's roofs/high ground looking over the boathouse
    • Changed the spawn's position so that players are not as funneled through a single route
    • Changed the position of one of the doors onto mid
    • Hopefully fixed the god damn sightline
    • Removed the low down ceilings that made people uncomfortable
    • Removed the unused second level in the main building
    All this and the filesize is actually...