Arena 1p32471 a5b

The Plastic Map

  1. Update to Alpha 5

    Final version for the 72hr Jam
    Mostly just detailing
  2. Update to Alpha 4

    Changed highground around mid.
    Removed doors at mid.
    Adjusted the size of ammo packs.
    More detailing.
    Stuff I don't remember.
  3. Update to Alpha 3

    Highground is slightly higher (by 32 units)
    However, the control point is still at the same height, causing minor changes to mid's geometry

    Doors to mid open at half the speed
    They are now opening at 1 unit per second

    Adjustments to the death pit

    Removed a window

    Added soundscapes and a welcome point

    Prop and texture tweaks

    Added five stack saxton
  4. Update to Alpha 2

    • experimental doors
    • windows
    • minor texturing
    • lighting
    • props