Amazon a3b

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- made armour do the thing
- made yellow armours medium instead of small
- added armour
- changed health spawn times from 15s to 35s
some refinements
- did a little bit of art passing

- moved lg from in front of the window to where lg used to be
- mostly to make grabbing it less annoying and less likely to make you get railed

- moved rail to be slightly more forward
- to make grabbing it less dangerous, especially immediately after spawning

- changed the health in the middle lower corridor to a medium health and moved it more in the way of the doorway to the gt5 room
- to make it safer to grab rail
- also to make it more possible to play faster on low ground after being spammed at

- gave the platform holes gt5 side next to the door
- to allow for players on the high ground to shoot down at people on the low ground

- slightly decreased the amount of space in the lowest part of the gt5 room
- to speed up the map by giving less positions without sightlines onto them

- decreased the time it takes for the lift mega side to start moving
- to make the map play faster and allow people to commit to fights more easily from low ground
- or just get around faster
changed the lift from a path_tracktrain to a func_movelinear
- added areaportals