Altitude A4


  1. Alpha 4

    • Decreased capture time on A & B

    • Decreased Red respawn time on A

    • Decreased Blu respawn time on B

    • Increased Red respawn time on B & C
    • Widened left side route on A
    • Expanded A point building

      • Widened doorways

      • Added high ground route to left side of A-B connector

      • Added window overlooking A-B basement route doorway
    • Removed stairs from B to high ground overlooking A-B connector

      • Extended...
  2. Alpha 3

    • Mirrored and rotated A

    • Redesigned routes from A to B

    • Various changes to structures around A to accommodate new orientation/routes

    • Relocated Blu second and third spawns

    • Adjusted pickups on A

    • Added snow piles to B building roof

    • Added a plank route up to silo/shack on B

    • Changed ammo in B basement from medium to small

    • Added door to right side staircase route to C that opens after B is capped

    • Right side staircase route now connects to upper...
  3. Alpha 2

    • Eliminated middle section of low route on B; low route now only grants access to the basement rather than allowing players to cross directly to the other side of the point

    • Added a plank and small health to window above B

    • Added cover to yard area in front of the silo between A & B

    • Reduced length of silo platform

    • Fixed an unintended sightline on last

    • Lighting adjustments

    • Clipping fixes