Altitude B6


  1. Beta 6

    • Reduced Blu respawn time on B
    • Changed location of Blu’s first forward spawn

    • Added snow $surfaceprop to roof and ground textures

    • Fixed sticky bombs sticking to one-way door on B
    • Various lighting and detailing changes

    • Improved soundscapes

    • Clipping adjustments

    • Optimization
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  2. Beta 5

    • Added a one-way door to the A-B connector flank

    • Removed dropdown next to B silo

    • Added medium ammo near the B roof

    • Adjusted position of medium health and ammo next to B silo

    • Increased capture time on C

    • Increased Blu respawn time on C

    • Various visual additions, improvements, and fixes

    • Clipping adjustments
  3. Beta 4

    • Decreased Red’s respawn time on C

    • Added a secondary exit to Blu’s first forward spawn

    • Any players still inside Red’s forward spawn 10 seconds after B is capped will now be teleported to their final spawn

    • Clipping improvements
  4. Beta 3

    • Various visual changes

    • Improved soundscapes

    • Fixed roof trim collision on A

    • Blocked gap in A shack roof

    • Moved medium health and ammo from B cliff to the base of the silo

    • Optimization

    • Clipping
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  5. Beta 2

    • Continued art pass

    • Various pickup adjustments

    • Decreased cap time on A

    • Increased cap time on B & C

    • Increased delay before Blu’s second spawn enables after capping A

    • Removed misleading ledge on B cliff

    • Changed roof of shack on B to limit sniper head peak angle

    • Added staircase up to right side balcony on C

    • Raised and widened cliff on C

    • Fixed broken areaportal in Blu’s first spawn

    • Fixed func_respawnroom not covering all of Blu’s third...
  6. Beta 1

    • Began art pass

    • Adjusted orientation of doorways in A point building

    • Removed staircase up to right side of A point building

    • Replaced window in A point building with a dropdown

    • Adjusted position of Blu’s second spawn

    • Changed shape of roof near silo to be accessible to all classes from either side

    • Increased length of silo platform

    • Closed off right side balcony on C

    • Lowered balcony and upper lobbies on C by 64 hu

    • Added a staircase...
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  7. Alpha 9

    • Increased Blu respawn time on B

    • Decreased Red respawn time on A and B

    • Added a new entrance to the right side of the main A building

    • Blocked right side route on A that allowed Blu to bypass the point

    • Removed a door from the A-B basement route and connected it to the right side flank

    • Door in the A-B basement route now closes after B is capped

    • Adjusted cover in left side building on A

    • Removed some walls in the A-B connector

    • Changed dropdown...
  8. Alpha 8

    • Reduced capture time on B and C

    • Increased Red respawn time on B

    • Moved Blu second spawn closer to B

    • Added a window connecting the upper and lower routes in A building

    • Removed a rock near the cliff on B

    • Widened doorways in shed near silo

    • Added a dropdown to flank below silo

    • Moved medium health and ammo below silo closer to the cliff

    • Moved left side doorway in C upper lobby

    • Made platform at the base of C staircase flank a dropdown...
  9. Alpha 7 hotfix

    • Various minor fixes
  10. Alpha 7

    • Increased Red respawn time on A and C

    • Decreased Red respawn time on B

    • Added a staircase on B connecting the left side of roof to the main floor

    • Redesigned B main floor and basement to accommodate the new staircase

    • Added cover on C

    • Lighting adjustments

    • Clipping adjustments