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Jul 21, 2016
Science's Biggest Mistake

A team of scientists have invented the zombie virus after an experiment gone horribly wrong.
Realizing how humanity is endangered if these super infected breach the lab, your survivor team must escape the underground lab to contain the virus and blow EVERYTHING UP inside!
Will you survive pre-apocalypse?
Compatible with Zombie Escape & new Zombie Fortress!

Gambanana Mirror

Steam Workshop Mirror

My Concept Art
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Jul 21, 2016
The map is supposed to work with a zombie escape plugin. I can't find a TF2 version anywhere online, but some servers run it for ZE maps leading me to believe it is privately owned.


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Jul 21, 2016
B2 Update:
- Fixed end of round not adding to the winning team's score
- Fixed silo vent spawn not working
- Zombie first spawn now has a respawn room
- Brightened up several areas
- Respawn time for zombies increased slightly to grasp where your teammates are
- Adjusted clipping
- Fixed several object oversights
- Fixed exploits
- Zombies spawn in a vent now after the biodome gate has opened
- Timed doors now have a timer texture
- Added color correction
- Explosive barrels added around level


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Jul 21, 2016
Beta 3 Update:
- Fixed timer doors not showing up
- Fixed beveled resort displacements
- Fixed seeing through the map in some areas
- Fixed spectator points not having proper soundscapes
- Bug fixes


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Jul 21, 2016
Zombie Fortress now compatible with Jungle Lab along with the RC1 for ZE.

- Fixed zombies spawning too far behind sometimes
- Added more forward spawn points for zombies
- Brightened more areas up
- Bug fixes
- Fixed classic round win style not working
- Fixed missing soundscape for spectators watching the elevator
- Fixed some objects vanishing
- Bug Fixes (yes more bug fixes)
- Aesthetic tweaks

- Teams have been swapped for Zombie Fortress (Zombies are BLU, Humans are RED)
- Resort's first thatch has clipping removed
- Resort's upper zombie spawn hidden for immersion
- Respawn room added to atrium vent
- Fixed being unable to change class in some zombie respawns
- Patched potential exploits opened up from gamemode porting
- Some clipping added for player movement smoothing
- Switched some buttons with triggers to be more consistant in use
- Fixed sewer fan not making noise
- Fixed soccer ball not moving
- Added teleporter sounds after elevator event
- Changed some team colors for clearer gameplay indication