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    As Ben Browder once said on Farscape. "Um, hi."

    First the username. During my younger years I've come up with a few alter egos for myself that incorporated the word "blade" (before it became a symbol for emoism). Then when The Rock was popular, my friend adopted the nickname The Ice, and I adopted The Blade. And Roden is my last name, hence The Blade Roden.

    I am a 23 year old from Wisconsin, USA. I graduated last May with a bachelor's degree in multimedia and graphic design. Of course, my current job has nothing to do with that, being a Part-Time Help Desk Support Specialist for a local technical college. I have a feeling that any more slip ups might land me the boot.

    Ever since graduation my social life has hit the big reset button. So I've been trying new hobbies to meet people that way. Besides the usual internetting and video games and TV, my other hobbies include flying, curling, and I'm starting to learn archery.

    My favorite default TF2 map is Gravelpit. I don't have a favorite class, every night I seem to do better in some classes than others. Like yesterday I was doing better as Medic and Demoman, with the occassional jab as Sniper.

    Let's see, the last map I publicly released was DM_CarPark for HL2DM in January 2006.

    I was working on a Grid map after that, but apparently "delete local content" also gets of any custom files you put in. :p
    More recently I ported my incomplete Complex map into TF2, but I think it might be to cramped to play well.

    I really need to do something other than Perfect Dark remakes.
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    I really need to do something other than Perfect Dark remakes."

    Well, if only engineers could place turrets on the wall like the laptop gun id say keep em coming :)
    Besides, perfect dark had some levels which should fit well into TF2.

    Usually when I think Blade I think mercenary, not really emo.