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[WIP] Zeppelin change: Scrapbook

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by PkunkBot, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. PkunkBot

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    In case anyone is interested, here are some shots of changes effected from last weekends test.. And then, I guess, I'll keep updating these as things go along and get prettier/built. :)

    Thanks guys!


    the rim of the third enterance now goes around to allow greater visibility.

    The main enterance to the intel has been widened considerably and placed more in the middle. A vis-blocker has been added flanking the support beam as well. Not sure how I intend the visblocker to look yet, or if this is its final position.


    The middle area is being slightly redesigned. The basement path between bases is once again seperate.
  2. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    OMFG A TRAIN!!!!!

    love it :D
    I hope to be playing on it soon.
  3. Snipergen

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    We are all very interested i believe since you put alot of work and time in this and it shows off. Great work miss. Keep us up to date.
  4. oxy

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    Looking good. Are you going to model the zeppelin?