Why Crits are broken through logic and the Socratic method.

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    First keep is civil guys, you know that name calling and such is unwanted here, secondly no one cares for it.

    I would agree though. Since release i've felt crits are complete bullshit. I am forever tired of the random noob soldier spamming rockets hoping one will be a crit *which i think they have a 1:1 ratio....heheh i F'ing hate rockets* to end my complete lock down or a CP or intel, or andvancing on a 10+ killing streak.

    ""But thats why crits are there to balance out the gameplay"""

    Why? If im better then someone else im better then someone else and likewise. People learn and move along.

    An example is although i dont play often..

    If Youme is playing a Pyro or soldier.. i go the other way.
    If DrPepper is playing Sniper or scout.. i go the other way.
    If im playing a heavy.. people should go the other way.

    I dont run into them each time and bitch about balance and how they should add a "random" factor that will kill a good player... heres an idea i COULD get better and not "hope" for a crit to save my ass.

    /signed for hating crits
    /semi-signed as being a comp-player mentality who doesn't play comp.
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    This. Your fancy little logic fails to address the initial situation: It's a game, games are primarily played for fun, secondarily for competition, and when someone plays just to have fun your whole logic breakdown is irrelevant.
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    This is why there is no strong competitive community in TF2 and most of the professionals stick to QWTF LAN tourneys and TFC leagues.
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    That is the chief reason and completely invalidates everything else you said in the original post. Crits are there so people can enjoy the game. Whether you play for 90 hours a week or 5, you can get into the same game and both have FUN. Of course, you probably are unfamiliar with FUN, so you wouldn't understand.
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    Actually it doesn't. The defenition of a competition is

    This is what TF2 is about. Striving for a goal which can not be shared. So even the most laid back, stoned out pub play is still a competition. So my point still stands.

    Also, I don't understand why you can not comprehend that comp play is FUN and that unbalanced and broken stuff detracts from the fun.
    Stop saying that comp play is not fun, and every time you say that your argument is invalid. Comp players play competitively for fun becuase pub play is no longer fun.

    EDIT: Crits also piss me off when they are the only thing that stop me on my 9 kill streaks I used to get every life on the xbox.
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    - Crits are random
    - Random counteracts skill
    - Competition is about skill, that's why crits and spread is disabled. Competitive players don't like random factors.

    Yes I don't think anyone disagrees with those. Everyone I see who makes this argument always messes it up by making attacks at pub players. You're essentially giving them the right to call you an elitist, you need to assert a logical argument that remains unbiased and unemotional.

    I am both a competitive and a pub player. I like competitive games because skill is more apparent, there are less players and your teamplay is more coherent. Crits can make or break a match (And they have before when crits couldn't be disabled) so they should stay off. I like pubs too. I can just sit back and knock some heads. I don't need to worry about the objective unless I want to, everyone is doing their own thing. If my team wants to work together to win then sure I'll play along. I might die to a crit, sure it annoys me. Unfortunately the class I play most (Sniper) rarely benefits from crits, but I get over it.

    The key point here is no one is wrong for liking either way. Any argument that discusses crits or random factors always goes great until either side makes a comment referring to the other side's playing for fun, skill, or sexual preferences.

    If you do not hate pubbers for being pubbers, or for liking crits, then they will most likely agree with you.
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    I don't hate them, they seem to hate me. I see more posts of them calling me names then posts that actually try to argue against my points.
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    I usually do that (argue against points) but its become pointless...
    I mean honestly, when you make a thread titled "why crits are broken" everyone who likes crits will instantly flame you. You take a topic that is purely opinionated and adopt an attitude of "everything I say is right because I said it" and i happen to think people find that irritating and respond in kind.

    I personally have a natural disrespect for people on the competitive scene. This comes from 2 main sources; I have never seen a person who openly acknowledges they play competitively that does not act like they are better then everyone else, this is highly irritating. Then another part is the super smash brothers competitive side (something I used to do) is incredibly elitist, they disallow items from the game, its half the game and they decide, nope, not fair and thats it. Same goes for tf2 (though not as extreme) and this is the reason I highly doubt I will ever play competitive, the game being dynamic and having tons of things effecting damage at any time makes it more fun for me. I'm sure that everyone saying comp is not fun would agree with this being one of the prime reasons they say that....and one thing you should be aware of, when people say comp is not fun, they are not saying that no one will ever enjoy it, its more so they don't like it and are not clear why some people do.

    ...and when i say that I should also include that I am not asking you to explain why people like comp. I'm using it in the sense of being surprised when someone is eating something that the mere thought of eating it makes your stomach curl up and cringe, then they tell you its their favorite food.
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