What is this I don't even (Help me! Again!)

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    So this is an odd one...
    I just compiled my map and ran it in TF2. The compile took AGES, and then when it was done, there were these weird brushes where I was working that I never placed. They looked like they were nodraws, except on one, the front was a gray dev grid texture and on the other, the back face was a dev_reflectivity40 texture. Both textures were used near these mystery brushes. The game was also inexplicably running at 2x (maybe higher) speed. When I exited TF2, the compile window and hammer were both completely frozen, so I had to reboot hammer. When I did, it asked me if I wanted to save the map again with three (3) invalid solids removed. I hit yes, so I assume that takes care of the strange brushes. But with such a small piece of map built, why does it take so long to compile? And why was the game running so quickly? HALP!
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    You probably don't have things func_detail'd ... it probably took forever on vvis.

    The invalid solids is what caused the other issues though.
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    Did you have any abnormal compile options selected?

    Edit: Never mind, Frozens probably right.