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    Im noob at maping so need little help. earlier when i created my first maps i didn't used it and didn't even know about this thing existance, but when i needed to edit few maps i noticed it in all of the maps. it's like cameras i can't click for more info or anything it's only visible in camera tool. well:


    1. what is it and what is use of it?
    2. how do i make one if it's useful.
    3. how do i make cameras that you can cycle when you're dead and waiting for respawn?
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    Could be origin markers. Some brush entities have them. They are used as the base for transformations.

    Use the info_observer_point entity for observer cameras.
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    They are, in fact, other cameras. Hammer supports using more than one for quickly looking at different things, but most people don't use them due to the easy of the WASDZ system (and, arguably, the small size of TF2 maps). It seems you've inadvertently created a bunch of extra ones.

    See here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Camera_Tool