CP Wharves A3d

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Jan 2, 2021
shark submitted a new resource:

cp_wharves - A briney 5cp battle for control of the wharves.

Initial posting for my first 5cp map, set in a maritime shipping hub contested by RED and BLU.

Custom assets used:
  • New water textures by HappyHead
  • Recoloured materials by Ravidged
  • Sharkbay assets by Zeus
  • Selbyen assets by FGD5
  • Additional materials from the Community Construction Pack

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Jan 2, 2021
shark updated Wharves with a new update entry:

cp_wharves_a2 - Substantial Update

  • Updated clipping/some props on Last Point.
  • Removed unnecessary route on 2nd.
  • Modified skill-jump to 2nd's batts.
  • Modified location/width of flank hallway from Mid to 2nd.
  • Fixed clipping around the drydock on 2nd.
  • Renovated the right-hand flank from 2nd to Mid.
  • Based on the new flank changes, Mid has been almost completely renovated.
  • Updated localisation files.

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