CP warphat a1

a modern reimagining of the classic tfc map

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    warphat - a modern reimagining of the classic tfc map

    The name is temporary, I'd love claim the warpath name but I'll be avoiding name conflicts for now. workshop version may be called warpath.

    2nd is the point with the most changes for now. Ideas on how to modernize the map are appreciated
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    It's really hard to critique a map that isn't made for the game it's being critiqued for. So don't take this as anything personal it's just an analysis of how the gameplay spaces translate into TF2 which I thought you might find helpful.

    This point is honestly the worst of the three, long sight lines clutter a flat, uninteresting hallway with extreme height disadvantage that only two classes can mitigate. That's all without mentioning the fact that a Turret can be placed on the far side of this height advantage and can make it virtually un-pushable for most uncoordinated teams.
    Then comes the flank route which consists of another flat, uninteresting hallway ending in two small spam-prone doorways that lead you into even more height disadvantage.
    The point is surrounded by cover which only servers further to help the defenders on this point, the only classes that can circumvent it being soldier and demoman, but they have to do a very precise jump and also be crouch walking through the little entrance only to be met with a point that takes normal classes 5 seconds to cap.
    Oh and the spawn point for defenders is plain bad, I get that it's a port but the spawn doesn't suit TF2 in any way.

    I kind of like this point, if only for the height variation.
    Once again all entrances lead to the lowground, none even lead to anything you could consider advantageous, it's all flat spammy hallways with litterally 0 health packs or gameplay enjoyment for attackers
    That entrance from lower mid is exactly how I feel about most of this map's flank routes and routes in general. Flat, long, uninteresting.
    Also when defending people from pushing out of the last point, the attacking team has exactly ONE entrance. Badbadbad.

    Not sure how else I can critique this in terms of TF2 gameplay other than "more everything", more cover, more routes, more height variation. It looks like something a beginner would slap together and have us test. I'd recommend keeping the relative theme of the area (point on a bridge with a lower area) rather than trying to make what you have work.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where I am in the map, its all the same rock texture stapled everywhere I know it's an alpha though so that might change.
    Having to cap the 2nd point just seems like it's there because TFC did it. It's a little dumb in TF2 though.
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  3. fubarFX

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    warpath has this little quirk where owning 2nd gives you a forward spawn (for a total of 3 forward spawns instead of 2) so I wasn't sure how to tackle this tbh, I'll give it some thought.

    As I understand it now, the map is entirely balanced with walk times so I'll likely try to shorten it and compensate with spawn times (it is instant spawn atm, as per tradition)