PL Volcanic A26

By Blade x64

  1. Kill_the_Bug

    aa Kill_the_Bug

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    Map is crashing on a 32 player server - probable reasons

    1. Entity Count - it's currently at 1410 (cl_showents) can you lower it down to under 1000 for max stability - this map is a huge favourite on the server we play one except for the crashes - so it was removed - if you can do a more stable one it would go back up into the rotation most likely.

    2. Saw this pop up in console don't know if it leads to crashes either:

    Warning: using WorldTwoTextureBlend on a non-displacement surface.
    Support for this will go away soon.
    - Material : volcanic/molten001_scroll
    - Surface center : -161 3841 -64
    Warning: WorldTwoTextureBlend found on a non-displacement surface (material: volcanic/molten001_scroll). This wastes perf for no benefit.
    Particles: Missing 'particles/pier_fireworks.pcf'

    If you're going to orphan the map, or don't want to work on it anymore can I take a spin at it?
  2. takabuschik

    aa takabuschik

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    I thought this was a revival update. You dissapointed me very much.

    Blade if you see this- please continue working on this! (or as KillTheBug said- give someone else permission to work on it instead)