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    Howdy all! I'm working on a multi-flag gametype where the idea is that you would have rounds of 10 minutes, and see how many flag captures you can get in that time. Whoever has the most wins.

    Anyway, the questions!

    1. How does one set where a model is attached to a player? I'm using Barrel02, and you get the following: :p Hopefully its possible without editing the model itself?
    2. Can you adjust the intel carriers speed? I read this was in a request to Valve ages ago, not sure if they ever ended up implementing it.
    3. Make a brush fade the closer you get to it? I'm using Beatz's prefab of sorts and hes included little icons above the flags so you can keep track of where they are but it gets kinda annoying when you're right next to the intel but its half hidden by the icon.
    4. I've added a team_round_timer to my map, is there a way to have the team with the most captures win? The only options are Blue / Red / Stalemate.
    5. Where does one replace "BlahBlah captured the Intelligence" text and what not?
    6. I take it its not possible to replace the intel icon that appears on the HUD?

    More impossible requests:

    7. Can the intel model be positioned in front of the player to make it look like they're carrying it in their hands? Would probably look weird without animation to go with it however.
    8. Can you remove the intel carriers weapons?
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    1. Edit the model, only way.
    2. AFAIK, no.
    3. Using mipmaps on the texture you could, theoretically.
    4. Server commands can do it.
    5. I don't think it's possible.
    6. it is, but you don't want to.

    7. I don't think so, not easily.
    8. Yes. If you parent a trigger to the flag that kills all entities with the name tf_weapon_* it could work, but they wouldn't get them back till respawn and anyone who touhed them would also loose their weapons.
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    1. As Aly says.
    2. player_speedmod. It works in CSS, so it should work in tf2 since they're now on the same engine.
    3. Use proxies maybe?
    4. Make it so that the flags, OnCapture, add to a math_counter, then at the end of the round, OnRoundFinished, use a logic compare to compare the two values and send the right outputs to a game_round_win, or use server commands.
    5. tf_english, so no. Or maybe one of the resource files, but still. No.
    6. Yes, but doing so means the image on your HUD stays with the player till they restart tf2.
    7. As Aly said.
    8. As Aly said, but you can disable it OnTrigger, and then enable it OnDropped.
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    2. Entities from CSS don't work in TF2. I think func_rotating is working in CSS but doesn't in TF2. Hammer doesn't even know about player_speedmod. :\
    3. I kinda got it working with this,
    	"$playerdistance" "0"
    	"$alpharesultmax" "0"
    	"$smallamount" "0.01"
    			"resultVar" "$playerdistance"
    			"scale" 0.001 
    			"srcVar1" "$playerdistance"
    			"srcVar2" "$smallamount"
    			"resultVar" "$alpharesultmax"
                    		"min" 0.0
                    		"max" 1.0
                    		"srcVar1" "$alpharesultmax"
                    		"resultVar" "$alpha"

    Cheers, I'll give 4. a try tomorrow. :)
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    Clamp the player distance to a max of where you want it to start fading, then divide the clamp result by the clamp max to give a nice 0-1 range to feed into alpha. ('tis how no_entry and some of my reactor effects do it)