Valve says: Let there be Badlands

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by dirtyminuth, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. MacNetron

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    Being a Medic too most of the time, a scout counter nuke would indeed be nice.
    But it would also help if my teammates look out a bit better and try to keep me alive. Most time they let them kill me (while I heal them, so I can't shoot), at last they kill the enemy and then start yelling "MEDIC!". Morons, if you kept me alive, you were still 150% health.
    It's not the medic who needs pimping, but the players...

    EDIT: just have a look playing the game. The team with 1 or 2 medics AND 3 or 4 ppl knowing how to use them, wins.
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  2. Intraman

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    I know what it is.. They're going to give the medics the super grav gun.
    ..that would be so unfair yet cool.
  3. Snipergen

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    I heard from a mate nades would come back....
  4. Half-Life_Maniac

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    So, Badlands eh?

    If anyone remembers, I was also making my own remake, only more TF2 styled.
    I havn't touched it in ages (months?) and probably won't now.

    Perhaps if they really break Badlands, i.e. make it a CP map, then we'll see...
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    Love Badlands! Too bad not enough servers ever included it in their rotation in TFC. Wonder how many will give up their obsessive 24/7 2Fort format for a new map release?