Using displacements and rock models in conjunction

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    How should I go around melding structures with cliffs, or even just making towering cliffs in a map in general? Would I:
    -Use rock models to hide the seam between the bottom of the structure and where it meets the cliff/the ground which meets the top and bottom of the displacement, and then use displacement cliffs the rest of the way throughout it (with some rocks for variation)
    -Use rock models for the whole thing
    -Create the entire cliffs out of displacements only?

    Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated, as I generally stay away from using cliffs in maps as I can never get satisfactory results but would like to use them a lot more.
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    A combination of both gets the best result imo.
    In desert maps, generally the cliff will slope upward, getting thinner towards the top, and can be topped off with a rock prop.
    Rock props can be used at intervals to accentuate the shape of the cliff:
    I'm not entirely sure what you mean about seams, but from what I can gather, no maps stress over the transition from the bottom of the cliff to the ground at the bottom, beyond blending sand to a similar colour or to stones - but if it's a desert map you can raise the ground up and push it into spaces in the cliff to make it look like sand has built up there.
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