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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Verumae, Oct 25, 2011.

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    1. The server seriously needs autoscramble. This isn't just a little stacking: on Granary today, red team won 5 straight games. Every time, red steamrolled blue. No scramble in sight. TheHarriboKid was there on red, you can ask him.

    2. After granary -> 2fort -> badwater, the voting dialog opened up. Antiquity won the vote. After the switch, it was a 4v4.
  2. tyler

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    Autoscramble should occur if
    • one team wins very quickly on 5cp without the other team capping.
    • One team wins without the other team ever capping on KOTH
    • A team wins PL/PLR without ever getting off the cart

    The old autoscramble was awful
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    Yeah, people were switched when the team were not evenly numbered but that there was no auto scrambling when we rolled them 3 times in a row. Also people disconnecting when we go to a custom map is standard, though it might be a good idea to say that on the motd because otherwise you wouldn't know if you joined using quick play.