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    For some reason, CompilePal is not packing the skins for a few props in my map pl_kazan. The props, from the Japanese pack, are the Japanese bridge (models/props_japan/japanese_bridge01.mdl) and the Japanese resupply (models/props_japan/japanese_resupply01.mdl). Does anybody know any way to fix this? Or should I just use VIDE?
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    the problem is that the vmts for those are oddly formated and it's throwing compilepal off.

    in both cases, it's is a double slash in the material path

    $basetexture "models/props_japan//japanese_bridge01"
    $basetexture "models/props_japan//japanese_resupply_main01"

    this is not currently supported by compilepal but will be in the future (because apparently source deals with that?). For now, you can just edit these files and remove one slash. compilepal should be able to deal with them afterwards.
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