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    I wanted to add some trimp ramps to my medieval map, but not sure what angle or length I should use. What are some good angles that 1) Offer a lot of height and 2) Offer a lot of distance?
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    Nobody has really tried to test this stuff out.
    Only 2 things are generally known:
    1. Every angle is enough for a good trimp.
    2. Angles greater than 45° don't require jumping.
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    au contraire I had a video describing trigger_push, which acts similar to demoman charging which experiments with ramps. Go to 63ish seconds in.


    I think it really follows basic physics if you want to bother factoring in some numbers. attribute0000.jpg
    I made a basic test map. Tumbolisu was right in that if it's 45° or less, you must jump in order to fly. It seems the angles to fly without jumping are between 45° and 68°, but not including 45° or 68°. higher than 68° and it'll act as a wall, you'll just crash.
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