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    Hello I am new to this forum so no stupid comments would be nice...

    Okay so I have created a box with trigger texture and when I press CTRL + T the box shows up and everything works so far then I type in trigger_push and I set the, speed, direction and i press in clients in the flag tab. Okay than i press Apply I try it in game and it works fine than if I tries to edit it by mark -> right click -> properties it's back to a func_detal and if I go ingame it is a func_detal please help me I have posted this on Steam forums but no one seems to know what the problem is...
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    I'm not sure but I think most of the brush entities are bugged right now... When I've created a brush entity (for example a trigger_push) and pressed apply, it's impossible to mark the entity again unless you go through the Entity Report. So the brush is still a trigger_push, it's just that you can't mark it. If you DO mark it, it thinks it's a func_detail. I don't know what causes this problem, but it truly is irritating.

    Jag antar att du är svensk? :p
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    It sounds kinda like you both have :ig: turned on, which "sees through" entities. Though I'm not positive on what you mean by "marking" and it "going back" to func_detail.