PL Traction A5A

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Apr 19, 2009


Gametype: 1-Stage 5 Point "Badwater" Style Payload
Players: 2-24 (32 max)
Author: Charles "The Political Gamer" Papanek
Original Author: eirik
Error Help: Snacks
Version: "A4A"
BZ2 File:
BSP File:

So after months I finally have a map to release. However, there is a few things I need to clear up.

First thing is I need to get off my chest is that in all actuality the base map is not mine. Why am I telling you this? Well I know you people are smart and I don't feel like getting yelled for "taking" all the credit.

I first came across pl_noname I knew it had much potential. Months past with now new developments and I eventually forgot about the map. Then one day I was looking over some PL maps for fun and pl_noname came back onto my radar. So being me I wondered what was up with it, thus sending a PM to the map maker and to my great delight I got this back:

eirik said:
Hi man.

I dont have time working on the map between work and school, so you can do what ever you want with it. This is pretty much my first map on the source engine. The brushwork might be a litte sloppy and i havent opened the file in ages, but here you go: *link to .vmf here*

So if all your going to do is complain about how its "not my map" bugger off and don't bother posting, if you have a problem with this feel free to PM me but please don't spam the thread.

Anyway now that thats out of the way go download the map!

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Sep 28, 2009

Get it?
Nov 14, 2009
I like the layout, but its FUCKING HUGE. Maybe find some way to connect the "stages" or just make it flat out multistage.

Im sure you know, but the BLU third spawn is broken.
Apr 19, 2009
So after a few playtests its clear things need so restructuring. First off the tunnels under the first area have been removed.

Then I am going to move the 1st point back and I am going to put in a proper spawn.

Also to deal with any sentries in the big building BLU will be able to get up to the 2nd floor.

Thats all the changes I have in the works for now so look out for a3 with these and many more changes.
Mar 23, 2010
i felt like the whole first area was way too big, but, all in all, it looked like it /could/ be comparable to badwater. (disclaimer: i did good, therefore i say i like)


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Apr 14, 2009
I love the first area, seems easy for blu though. It seems to get confusing and an easy map for blu in the middle, then the end is good. I dont like how the defending positions on the last point are far away from the cart, has the same kind of thing with upward. Also I don't like defending next to a deathpit :C


Jul 31, 2009
I quite enjoyed it. There's a lot of big drops that you take falling damage on and no obvious other way down, and the current spawn is quite dark. The map was also a little confusing on where to go to defend.

It looks really nice though, keep working on it!


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Dec 22, 2008
I think there's too much space in the layout, and additionally too many extra pathways. One sign of this is that if a red engineer can build a teleporter way behind blu's spawn and never encounter enemies while doing so, that's a sign that it's too big and the gameplay isn't tight enough, and ultimately suffers for it.

If everything shrunk in the map about 25% you'd be in a much better position.


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May 21, 2009
I had fun. I like the use of pipelines to show progression. If you follow then, which is easy because you can walk on them, you will reach where you need to go.

The elevator was a nice touch.

Check your displacement seams, too. There were quite a few visible ones.


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Feb 10, 2009
That falling drop, fix it or put some water. Those extra paths, get rid of them or make them flow better. Those spawns, get to working on simplifying.

I like the major height variation you got going. Right now the middle points are total snores. Hope to see the progress on this.


Sep 10, 2008
Love the first area, but yes, it's too easy for blue. Blue just has too much of an access/height advantage over red, and there are no real safe spots for red to hide.

It's really fun and I love all the flying projectiles. Snipers aren't an issue due to the rough nature of the terrain.

There is this one spawn as red that makes you spawn right towards what seems to be a dead end. it needs to be more obvious where you need to go. Right now, its just a small doorway off to the side, hardly noticeable.

Walktimes overall feel a bit long. It should never really be any longer than ~20ish seconds from spawn to the battle for regular classes.

Again, try to find what spawn times fit your map the best. Don't rely on Boojum's presets.

The last area feels very restrictive compared to the first areas. But they still manage to provide ridiculous flanks for both teams. Both teams seem to have a difficult struggle.

The height differences in the latter half really needs to be toned down. Make it at least half as tall as it is now. As it is, the combat is too disjointed and moving from one level to another is very frustrating.

Again, for the last part, blu needs somewhere to set up a forward base. A "safe zone" of some sort.

Overall, lots of potential to be fun, and original. Keep at it! Even though I didn't actually get any gifts!
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Aug 18, 2010
I got stuck a number of times on a very specific brush near the RED spawn on the second level of the small building immediately to the left of spawn.

I also was able to climb the pipes immediately outside the BLU spawn, and was also spawned on the RED side.

It was still fun though, besides this silliness.

Too big, and I got lost a surprising amount, but usually was able to get my bearings relatively quickly. You are already removing the route I was going to recommend removing, so that's good.
The elevator drops need more warning, I wasn't paying attention, did not know they were there, and proceeded to fall horribly. I did not die, but easily could have.

Other than that, wonderful map in my opinion.


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Nov 14, 2009

Fade distance on these is a bit too low.


There seems to be a one-way player clip here or something. I can go from the point out to the ledge, but not back. Also, when I hit the clip wall, I can back up but I can't slide along it.


Weird gap in the BLU spawn.


Feb 6, 2009
The map look awesome! Good job so far :)

I do think you need to cut down on the flanking routes a bit though. It feels like there's a maze for every area instead of the generally straightforward passageways that you see in valve maps. (not that it's a bad thing, but people might get confused).

Some rooms in the map are very dark too. Light them up a bit!