PLR ThirdRock A1

Which rock is the third rock?

  1. OctoBlitz

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    ThirdRock - Which rock is the third rock?

    What rock is the third rock?

    A symmetrical payload race map set... well... somewhere...

    Haven't come up with a setting and these rocks are just placholders until I can come up with something better to cut off sightlines...

    Made to exceed my previous map cp_airraid, and inspired by All official payload maps...
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  2. Nicky

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    I can see you improving a lot!! This looks very nice, though it looks a liiittle flat around that middle "track crossing" area. And maybe you can make the walls one of the white dev textures, like the one that says "reflectivity 50", it's just a little hard to see everything when it's all that same grey color.

    Other than that, you are definitely getting much better as a mapper and I hope to see more versions of this!
  3. ades

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    It looks like a great start. but, from the screenshots, especially the third one, it seems to be very sightline heavy so I'd recommend trying to block those off as soon as you can.