The death of Max Payne.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ryodoan, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I just read something that made me so mad that I had to tell someone, and unfortunately everyone I would IM is currently offline.

    So I get to post my rant here.

    There are a couple games that I really like, games that I have played over and over again. One of which is Max Payne. I originally borrowed it from a friend, then bought it when it was only like $10. In any case, I really really liked the game.

    So I was browsing the web and I noticed this: Max Payne: The first great video game movie?

    I thought, "Hey! That could actually be really good" Then I started the reading the article.

    Half-way down the first of three pages I started to get worried, they were saying that Max Payne was willingly taking the drug so that he could compete with the people he was fighting, Ok, so not a huge deal, I could maybe handle that. I continued on.

    They start talking about Max Payne going to his partners funeral and a confrontation with the head boss (the Asir corp chick) in a limo. Ok, more discrepancies which had me aggravated, and I was starting to realize that it was not a Max Payne movie, but a movie influenced by Max Payne.

    Then this.

    That is only when it starts to get good.

    Ok, several things here, "be PG-13" is the first. The next is "bomb has just activated the sprinkler system" WTF, thats not even in the game!

    So um yeah. At about the 1/2 point in the article I checked to see if the article was being sarcastic or was a complete joke. Sadly, it was not.
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    Thats the thing about movie stories translated from a game or even a book. They NEVER get everything exactly right and it only serves to piss off fans of the game/movie.

    Makes me so glad I read the Lord of Rings trilogy AFTER seeing the movies.
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    I'm a huge max payne fan (wallpainting I did a few years ago on my bedroom wall)

    So yea, I'm gonna be dissapointed in the movie. Mona looks good, very close to the one ingame though. But Max his voice is way off.
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    How did you go about doing that Snipergen? I'm thinking about putting something on my wall sometime in the near future.