Mega-Mini-Hauntacular Killcam Contest - Voting Thread

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Who's image is the funniest, best, H'ween-o-rific?

Poll closed Nov 18, 2013.
  1. Egan's Image 1

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  2. Egan's Image 2

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  3. Dr. Elements Image

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  4. Melvin D. Engineere's Image

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    5,464 Mega-Mini-Hauntacular Killcam Contest
    VOTING Thread

    With the H'ween update behind us, it's time to vote on the 4 final images!

    Simple, take a look at each of the images and captions and vote on which one you think is the best, funniest, etc. All images are separate images. Poll closes 1 week from this post!

    Egan Image 1
    "w + m1 spreading chaos everywhere"

    Egan Image 2
    "henke's big gun'

    Dr. Element Image 1
    "To the invisible Sasha-mobile!"

    Melvin D. Engineere
    "You would be depressed too if you had to read bedtime stories to pyromaniacs."

    Things I learned from this contest. Make shorter Contest names. Never ask someone for a HUD-less image.
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