Major Mapping Contest #10: A Tale of Two Skillsets - MAP POOL THREAD

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    A Tale of Two Skill Sets MAP POOL Thread
    Rules and Regulations | Upload Thread

    Put down your hammers designers, it's the end of phase 1! It's been only a few weeks, but we have 22 maps for you all to choose from for Phase 2, the Artpass phase. I know you are all excited about this part, so make sure you read the rules! (see below)

    Rules: Stage 2, Detail Stage

    • You must choose and detail one of the layouts entered in the previous phase.
    • You are allowed to detail your own layout!
    • You are allowed to detail someone else’s layout, even if you entered the first stage!
    • You are allowed to enter the second stage even if you did not enter the first.
    • More than one person can detail the same layout, though one of them will need to change the map’s name.
    • The layout of the map must remain fundamentally the same. If you think that you’ve made too drastic of a change, you probably did.
    • The map must be optimized to the point where it can be released to the public (That is, Fade Distances, Hints, Areaportals, etc)
    • You are allowed a maximum of 2 entries per author
    • However, one author cannot win twice in the same stage.
    • Your map must not be full bright
    • Custom content is allowed.
    • All custom content must be publicly released before the contest deadline. Unless it is made solely by you, then you do not have to release it. If someone else makes it for you, the assets will need to be released publicly within 1 month before the end of the second phase.
    • No collaborations.
    • Too much custom content from one person counts as a collaboration. (That is, if you ask someone to make a lot of models for you, even though they get publically released, this is when the rule kicks in. You can make all the content yourself though and it won't. We don't expect this to be a big deal.)
    • Your map will need to be submitted into the contest entries subforum.
    • Your map must have a unique name. Failure to have a unique name will result in disqualification. As such, if you are detailing someone else’s layout, you must change the map name.
    For the second phase submission, please include a .bsp of your map, a screenshot of the finished map version (without character models or HUD elements), and the name of the author who’s layout you detailed.

    The list of maps here is not reflective of the maps that are to be judged for phase 1. A separate thread will be created for the public vote. This list is in alphabetical order. Map files contain the bsp, vmf and any other files that will be needed for the map (instances, pop files, custom content, etc).

    If you get any errors or crashes when opening a .vmf, please follow these steps to fix it. You also have my permission to politely poke fun at the authors inability to read rules which ultimately lead to their .vmf's errors.

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