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    I'm trying to get a rocket to fire at a player when they enter in a certain area.

    I've got:

    tf_projectile_rocket PE, named "rocket" <-- this shows red in hammer

    point_template PE, named "rocket_spawner", template1 "rocket"

    trigger_multiple BBE, "Clients" is checked, named "rocket_trigger", Output: OnStartTouch rocket_spawner ForceSpawn

    doing a fast compile and testing, the rocket DOES in fact spawn, I can see it,
    but it doesn't move or have any other physics applied to it.
    it just "hangs" where it was spawned, doesn't deal damage when it explodes, but it does explode when I touch it.
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    I guess the entity wasn't designed to be manually spawned then.

    Fake it with a prop_dynamic, a trigger hurt, and whatever you need to make the explosion look believable.
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    That could work, but do you know how to set the "owner" of the trigger_hurt?
    if/when someone dies from it, I want it to register as a player kill, not environmental damage

    EDIT: update

    I got the rocket to move by adding an env_entity_maker and setting it to the point_template then changing the trigger output to target the env_entity_maker instead of the point_template.
    also, I parented a trigger_hurt to the projectile and it works!
    the downside is, I can't seem to set the 'attacker' event parameter.

    targetname 'rocket_damage'

    targetname: 'rocket_trigger'
    My Output Named: OnStartTouch
    Targets entities named: 'rocket_damage'
    Via this input: AddOutput
    With a parameter override of: 'attacker !activator'
    After a delay in seconds: 0.00

    Edit2: I might have to write a sourcemod plugin to change the attacker :/
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    Yeah, this isn't something you can do in the map, I've tried in the past.