TF2 crashes hard when my map exits overtime.


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Aug 22, 2013
I'm trying to get a new gamemode working. It was going well until I let overtime expire rather than finishing the cap during testing.

Intended behaviour:
- Red owns 4 control points, Blue must capture these in succession (similar to a/d)
- Red can always re-cap the nearest blue cp (similar to 5cp)
- If either team is capping a point when the round time ends, enter overtime, otherwise end the round
- During overtime, upon a point being captured or cap-time on all points expiring, end the round
- Upon round end, if Red holds their last CP, give Red the round win, reset the round, but do not reset the capture points (i.e. Blue keep their progress for the next round)
- If Blue ever capture Red last, end the round, give blue the round win, reset the round, including the capture points (possibly swap teams, not important yet)

Actual behaviour:
- Mostly correct
- Upon entering overtime, should all cap-time expire, the game freezes and must be force-quit.