Suggestion: Chrome notifications for Steam announcements

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by worMatty, Jun 9, 2017.

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    21:59 - Hipster_Duck: Steam really needs to do notifications better, they should stay up in the steam overlay until I dismiss them
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    21:59 - Hipster_Duck: Also they should actually work more than half the time
    22:00 - ⛐ worMatty#2166: How about we get Chrome notifications working on the TF2maps web site?
    22:00 - Urban: maybe Volvo will fix them one day
    22:00 - Svode (B>Serbia): >one day
    22:00 - Hipster_Duck: I'd be down for chrome notifications
    22:00 - ⛐ worMatty#2166: Then all Chrome users get a persistent toaster popup that doesn't go away until it's dismissed
    22:00 - Hipster_Duck: Yea, and you can have a sound play at the same time aswell
    22:01 - ⛐ worMatty#2166: Don't even need to be on the site.
    22:01 - Hipster_Duck: Might not be any harm in making a thread about that matty
    22:01 - AsG_Alligator: ffs
    22:01 - Hipster_Duck: 'tis a good idea
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    Is it possible to do via Xenforo? If so I wouldn't see a downside to it
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    Assuming this is about imp announcements, we normally use Steam event notifications, which stay open until you dismiss them.
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    A chrome extension for steam events is actually very easy to do.

    You can just take any rss feed chrome plugin and convert it to track the group's RSS feed.

    could be a fun project for a beginner programmer
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