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    So yesterday it was played on the gameday. It has many negative feedback. And I agree. This map isn't the best and it's my first bigger projects in mapping. So as soon as i watched the .dem file and see how the gameplay was going, I started fixing problems and I still need to fix a lot of them. I started recreating the 2 houses. Make them a little bit shorter to give more courtyard to the controlpoint. Also fixed the newbie bug that there was 1 red spawnpoint at the blu base. Also I made the map less brighter but i still need to work on it since it will be in the desert. And while im redoing the houses i try to make it less sniper sided. I was laughing when somone wrote to the chat: "koth_snipers". But still thanks to everyone who gave feedbacks. And yes, i'm not a proffesional to hammer but i try my best. Anyway in the next version i try to balance things but until the next version i ask to give me some ideas to the map. I mostly ask the people that were on the gameday, so if you guys have any more ideas how to make this map better please write it down here. And once again thanks to anyone who actually tried to help me out.

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    Surely the whole point of your map's thread is for ideas to be suggested there, rather than creating a completely separate thread. If you want feedback, look at and see what comes up for your map there. That's often the quickest route, because people might find one or two problems but not be bothered to post in the thread. If you want specific feedback from people, I'm sure you could just PM them and ask :D
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    I may have not played on gameday (as I was running errands). but everyone needs salt before the wounds start to heal... listen to the feedback, and also have it run at least a few days without correction to see if the feedback is consistent.