Stuck in a big rut - need a math major

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    Stuck in a big rut - need a math major [SOLVED]


    hlp plz need a math major

    I just thought of this and I can't find a shape that matches this description:

    Are there any 3D shapes with only faces that have coplanar matches with other faces in the shape?

    It's really off-topic, I know, but I've tried to sketch something out to no avail. Is there something I'm missing? Is there already an established rule/theorem to cover this case? I'm pretty clueless :O

    lastly, why is this bugging me so much?

    Edit: When I say "coplanar faces", I mean faces that can have a ruler lay flat across them. So, not parallel or intersecting. Each face must have at least one coplanar match. I didn't want to bring this problem to a place like because it might be an obvious, well-established rule that I don't know and aaaahhhhhhhh

    Edit edit: Got convinced that I should post in on stackexchage, so here's the other post if you would like to see for whatever reason.
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    lol i think math.stackexchange was probably the better place to ask that question :p