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    I'm terrible at posting links so bear with me. Theres a new fan film compilation of the first star wars movie called Star Wars Uncut: Directors Cut. My brother showed it to me on topless robot. Its awesome. The film consists of hundred of 15 second vignettes done from the movie by different fans. The editor was awesome and kept the story pretty easy to follow.

    About 1:27:20 there's a tf2 machina of the chasm crossing. Leia and Luke are a blue scout and soldier respectively. A stormtrooper is played by a red pyro shooting a flair. No fucking rocket jump tho.

    Didn't know if u guys saw it yet, but it's pretty funny.


    link? Wars&blog_id=132
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    Oh hey, I read about this waaay back when it was in the creation stage, I think when that tf2 snippet was going to be done. I'll have to see if I can find time to watch it.