[Solved] Help with testing unusual effects

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L3: Member
Apr 3, 2018
Hello there,
I want to test my custom unusual effect with itemtest but I have a problem.
The particle itself is finished and there's also an empty superrare_beams1 particle in the same pcf file with the custom effect as a child particle.
However, I can't do anything if I switch from tool mode to game mode. I can't click on anything in the game menu. Instead I close the game and restart it without -tools.
If I test the sunbeam effect with itemtest, it doesn't load the custom particle. It doesn't matter how many times I start recording demo files doing the "record fix; stop" command, it just stays with the sunbeams effect than the custom particle

Is there a detail I've missed? Or is it just me with the tool-game-switch bug?