[Solved] Changing spawnroom logic for tug-of-war maps

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Oct 6, 2008
Ok, have tried to fix this for 16+ hours now and can't get my head around it.

Due to the nature of my space station map, I'm having to use teleporters and switching rooms

Red team has control of cart
1. Cart Passes A - nothing happens < which is what I want
2. Cart Passes B - blue team switches from spawn_room_01 to spawn_room_02
3. Cart Passes C - nothing happens < which is what I want

Blue team regains control of cart

4. Cart Passes C - nothing happens < which is what I want
5. Cart Passes B - nothing happens < which is what I want
6. Cart Passes A - blue team switches from spawn_room_02 to spawn_room_01

How do I ensure that nothing fires when A gets passed the first time and then the second B will not fire once the cart passes again?

Since this is a tug-of-war - the triggers will constantly have to be reset fire red one way > fire red the other - if the logic could be set up on one pathtrack that would be great. I've tired log_branch and logic_relays but don't think I'm coding them correctly.

It's the last thing stopping me from exporting my alpha, so any help is appreciated.
Oct 6, 2008
Well I finally got it working by setting up a 3 pathtrack chaeckpoint

A<the direction of the attacker
B< the bell sound
C> the direction of the defender

everything reverses everything depending which way you are going