KotH skylab rc1

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Dec 3, 2009
well I tried playing a round as sniper and was pleased to have a good amount of headshots and a lot of fun. BUT...... The battlements are WAY to easy to get up to. After the first 2 kills a scout repeatedly jumped up there and killed me while scoped. Many times a pyro just walked straight up to me and flamed me to death. A demo killed me from the point many times. The battlements need much more protection then what they currently have. The angled area right at the top of the stairs is fine but on the straight area on the left side needs much more protection. Im thinking maybe a waist high wall the entire length of that area and a wall coming from the ceiling down to about 64 units above the waist high wall. You can leave the right side open like it is now but the left side needs more defense. Also you need to find a way so that when someone grabs the health up there, they dont also you dont really need a ammo box up there. All it really does is make it easier for engies to build there. Its not needed and there are 3 other places close to the battlements already to get ammo/metal from. Just leave the medkit there and maybe make it a medium.

I love the map by the way.

Mr. P. Kiwi

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Nov 22, 2009
It would be nice if the whole map would be changing the center gravitation point once in a while (if that's possible of course...)


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Aug 29, 2009
Played this one last night. A rather surprising amount of fun. And as some people commented in the chat, the style, while unusual, seems to fit really well with TF2. I think the size is good, a little confusing maybe (but this is to expected with a new map), and the control point room is great. I like! :)

The spawn camping does still seem to be a bit of an issue. I wonder if you might raise the spawn exits, placing them above the two access paths, so as to put spawn campers at a height disadvantage.

The only other worry I had was about engineers not having a good place to set up, but given that others have already seen engineers dominating, that could just be an anomaly of last night.
Dec 25, 2007
Bump for beta 3. See first post for details.

Bermuda Cake

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Feb 20, 2009
The spawns should be escape pods, or a little red / blue invading spaceship... Would help the story as well as looking awesome!


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Jun 23, 2009
Having played this the other night, I have some small(read, tending for huge) suggestions to make.

The whole map area seems too cramped. The only space available for battle is right besides the point, and all the rest of the area can be dominated with a pyro or heavy. My suggestion:


The green rectangle is an extension of the battle area for the main cap point. it should be at the same level or a bit above, have some random walls and props to avoid being empty and be directly connected. This would allow for engineers to setup sentries besides the balcony and for classes such as spies and scouts to navigate more freely.

The red rectangles are basically the underground passage you already have, just noting that they should probably stay, although being connected to the green area would help.

The blue rectangles is just an idea, allowing both teams to emerge overlooking the point, to avoid it being locked down by a sentry, just add a small tunnel that leads into the flipped control center.

Some stupid random ideas:

The cap finish should involve the Death Star firing against this.
When you open the airlocks it should pull all players in the balcony areas. Thus being a viable strategy to get an engineer away from his sentry.
Dec 25, 2007
Bump for beta 4. See first post for details.

Thanks again for the feedback, especially the thematic suggestions. The #2 most requested feature (#1 was "make those damn zig-zag corridors wider") was that the airlocks should be openable and suck people out. Unfortunately I don't think that's going to happen, as the airlocks actually butt up against the wall of the room directly outside spawn. Which means there's no room to have a place to suck people out into :(
Dec 25, 2007
Bump for beta 5. There are now two new passages forking off from the lower zig-zag corridors, and coming out beneath the window in the central room. It (and the widening from beta 4) should help with the claustrophobia people were feeling in those corridors, as well as providing an alternative approach to the lower floor.
Dec 25, 2007
Bump for release candidate. The map is now complete and error-free (to the best of my knowledge).